Shot #23: Eesah presents Masterpiece

When you talk about new artists coming up from Jamaica a name comes up very frequently, the one of Eesah. You have surely seen him along with Chronixx in Perfect Tree or heard about him for his Lord of the Land project, built with Silki Wonda. He has recently released a new project, Masterpiece, and we couldn’t miss it here on Trigger!

In ’Masterpiece’ you show how versatile you can be in terms of different styles you sing on. Is there a style you prefer? How did you approach the different sounds we find in the album?

Well, I don’t have a preference in what I do because I like to be creative and show versatility. I approached each song depending on the mood I’m in or the feel the instrumental gives at that particular moment.

Tell us about the different producers you’ve been working with for this album.

I’ve been working with a producer by the name King I-vier from California for some time now and he sent me a few instrumentals produced by him and Loud City Music: “Roots Man”, “Tell No Lie”, and “Tenement Yard” are three songs by them which are featured on project Masterpiece. “Great Man Say” is self produced along with a friend named Fox, we actually started a label called “B.I.G.” which stand for Brilliant Intelligent Genius. “Sweet Love” was produced by myself and my band Main Volume, and “Marijuana” was produced by a next friend named Scur.

In ‘Great Man Say’ you talk about the importance of friendship, can you tell us more about this tune?

In this time we are living in people tend to get too much into their self emotionally that they don’t find time to appreciate the good in others. It’s very important to let your friends know that you love them as much as they do you.

What’s next for Eesah? Are we going to see you on tour soon?

Greatness for sure in the coming years anything is possible for the team.

Is there a young artist we don’t know yet who you think is going to buss?

There are so many to even begin with, but all I can say is the future of young upcoming artist is going to be fire!

Federico Di Puma

Federico Di Puma è nato a Milano nel 1988. Ha una laurea in Storia Indiana e negli ultimi tre anni ha passato almeno tre mesi in India ogni anno. Compra spesso dischi di artisti che non ha mai sentito nominare, qualcuno di questi a volte è addirittura bello.

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